Thursday, August 17, 2006

A Little More Freenis

You know I like free games. Here are some links to free games that have been floating through those internet tubes this week. I've caught them (mainly at Kotaku) and brought them to you, not necessarily because they're great, though they're pretty alright, but because they are free, and free makes okay turn good and crap turn fine.

Wolfenstein in 5K!

Ropin' monsters, cowboy style!

Pitfall meets me in 8th grade!

The middle one can also be found as one of many freetastic flash games at Jay is Games, a super awesome time waster of a site that I recommend to all my non-traditionally employed amigos (you know who you are). You might also want to check out a list of 101 free games from from earlier this year. I hate my exposed cubicle!

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