Friday, December 08, 2006

Friday Freenis, Wu Edition

No games this time. I've got music on my mind as of late. Spooky, tense tales of mayhem lie at your fingertips here. The Wu-Tang Clan gives you more than 200 assorted tracks (demos, remixes, etc.) at their official Wu-Tang Corp. website.

Oh, Dirty, how we miss what the fuck your gun do.

[via Salon]


Jeff said...

I hear the new "lost" Dirty album is actually pretty good.

Com$tock said...

I haven't heard anything about that ODB album. "Skrilla" is the first new track of his I've heard in a while, and I dig. Have you heard the most recent Ghostface? I don't have it, but everything I've heard from it is dope. Check the "Be Easy" track if you haven't heard it before.

Marc said...

Every time I get around devils (huff huff)...let me calm down.