Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Smoke THIS, You Arrogant Dog

Once, I almost smoked marijuana. I'm glad I didn't, because users are losers and Mary Jane is lame. But then I saw this anti-pot ad in the latest Electronic Gaming Monthly magazine.

If anything, this ad makes me kinda want to smoke pot. First, because good point, it would be cooler if dogs could walk themselves, especially when they bother you when you just want to chill. And second, I've seen many a dog eat poo (their own and other dogs'), so who the hell are they to get all judgmental?

Some online research led me to this video version, which dilutes the pro-marijuana effect a bit, if only because it seems a little more self-righteous. But still, the ineptness of the whole thing shines through when you click the very helpful "read transcript" link. I'll post the transcript here for your edification, and to save you from a life of pot-headery.

Walk Yourself
(Scene opens with a guy lying down smoking weed)
GUY: Can’t you just walk yourself.
DOG: You disappoint me.
(Dog walks away and then raises his flag of independence)

Seriously, do these ads work?. Do you think they're hiring writers?


Mrs. C said...

Very funny, Commie. But i am sure you wouldn't be so laid back if that man was your kid. Imagine cleaning all that dog poop in the apartment.

By the way, you are a big phat liar.

Com$tock said...

I once spent a weekend with a friend who was apartment- and dog-sitting for a friend of his in Chicago. The dog was a rambunctious puppy—near wild, even. It was also barely housebroken. We soon discovered that if the dog did number 2 in the apartment, it would eat it up in less than five minutes. Hence less concern on our part about walking the thing. Moral of the story: don’t let my friend apartment sit for you. Bonus: this story also shows why your critique of my post is so misguided.