Friday, March 30, 2007

Breaking In April

Amigos: Why blog? Right now, I can't answer that question for myself. I've been coasting here, relying on inertia. My posts this month have been half-assed at best. Maybe I'm moody, but Aspy has become a burden.

I like having a voice, no matter how quiet, in the webby free-for-all. I like the idea of sharing the things I care about. But I've become unsure. Why share this? Why link to that? Those are good questions that I can't answer right now.

So I self-prescribe a blog break of one month. I'll post again on May 1st. I hope I'll return with a backlog of posts to entertain tha peeps. But maybe the break won't matter, and then I'll be sad, because I'll be coming back to say good-bye.



Jeff said...

No! You have to address the cell phone bee crisis! Don't leave us, Aspy! Pleeeeease!!!

Marc said...

I agree. Don't go. Our frequent IM chats and phone conversations are not enough.
I'm only half-joking. I always enjoy seeing the new discussions on this blog and I hope you keep it up.