Monday, July 31, 2006

Inky in Queens

I've been walking by this little mosaic for a few years, but thought I'd finally get some pics and share them. It is outside Flux Factory, an art/performance space near my apartment in Queens. Maybe you've seen some other videogame-inspired murals/mosaics around NYC, or in any of a number of cities around the world. Many are related to a project headed by a French graffiti artist called Space Invader. Pac Man ghosts seem rare in his work; Space Invaders aliens are much more common.

See a close up of Inky after the jump.

Here's a link to a pic of the same thing on Space Invader's site.

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susan k. said...

Speaking of video games (which I see you are wont to do), I have a question about one. I am not a video game person at all, but i am very attracted to claymation. I recently stumbled upon a mention of a game called Neverhood, which is depicted in claymation. Apparently it has a real cult following. Know anything about this game? Thanks for any info.
P.S. To post to your blog I was forced to become a blogger (or did I just follow the wrong path when trying to log on?). My new blog (thrust upon me) is called Ankle. I will get it going right quick.