Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Viva La France. My 100th Visitor.

Okay, I'll admit it: probably something like half of my site visits are me checking things, but I was happy to note that yesterday visitor 100 joined the Aspidistra Nation! I started tracking with Site Meter on July 14th.

My newest bon amie only visited for 0 seconds, but I still love him or her nonetheless [UPDATE: or it. More after the jump].

Hit the link for the Site Meter data.
Domain Name: (Unknown)
IP Address: 193.47.80.# (Exalead S.A.)
ISP: Exalead S.A.

Continent: Europe
Country: France
State/Region: Ile-de-France
City: Paris
Lat/Long: 48.8667, 2.3333 (Map)
Language: English (United States)
Operating System: Linux Unknown
Browser: Konqueror 3.4

Time of Visit: Jul 24 2006 9:00:06 pm
Last Page View: Jul 24 2006 9:00:06 pm
Visit Length: 0 seconds
Page Views: 1
Visit Entry Page: http://theaspidistra.blogspot.com/
Visit Exit Page: http://theaspidistra.blogspot.com/
Time Zone: UTC+1:00
Visitor's Time: Jul 25 2006 3:00:06 am
Visit Number: 100

[UDPATE: I'm now fairly certain that this visit was from a web spider sent out by Exalead, France's challenger to Google. I'm still learning this internet stuff!]

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