Monday, October 02, 2006

Free Rock!!!

The Hold Steady, a rockin NYC band that is releasing a new album tomorrow, has made the songs from the album available for streaming here, for free! I thought their previous album was pretty good, but I am still really impressed by and loving these new songs. I detect something decidedly Springsteen-esque in the way these guys can make music that has so much energy and real emotion, and still have it be so accessible. Hey, I'm still in the midst of a months-long metal phase, and even I'm taking a break to get goosebumps to this album. The site was up on Saturday, down on Sunday, but seems to be working again today.

[UPDATE: By now (11/18/06) it looks like this streaming business is over. So sorry to see it go. If anyone comes by, they can at least see the Hold Steady rock out live on "Stuck Between Stations" on YouTube.]

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