Friday, November 24, 2006

After PS3 Hate Comes Wii Love

Seth Schiesel, the games writer at the New York Times, ripped the PS3 a bit last week. Today he reviewed the Wii, and was much more positive about the console. Sure, he admits, the hard-core gamer is likely to still be focused on the Xbox 360 or the PS3. But Schiesel enjoys the pick-up-and-play sensibility of the Wii, which led to--and this approach seems to be becoming a game-reviewer cliche--EVEN HIS MOM playing the Wii. To sum up his review: "over all the system left a big smile on my face."

I'll just say that I generally agree with his impressions. I'm not going to get into my take on the Wii just yet. But I'll put up a long-ish post this weekend after I've gotten in a bit more play time.

[UPDATE: The Wii beats the PS3 in a friends-test from the Washington Post.]

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