Monday, November 20, 2006

Poo Poo on Playstation 3

As I recently posted, I've been having lustful thoughts about the PS3. Maybe this is partly due to how scarce the thing will be over the next few months. But the games look gorgeous. And Sony has such a massive base from the first two Playstations that I expect PS3 will also become the dominant system of this generation, which means the best games selection.

So I was surprised to read this bluntly negative review of the new Playstation in the New York Times this morning. There was a fair amount of grumbling when the PS2 dropped five years ago, and it eventually evolved into a great system. Maybe the PS3 will just need some time. In any case, I am sure I won't be getting one until well into next year at the earliest.

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MattG said...

I say Ha. I kind of hope for Sony to bite it big on the PS3. I really resent the push for blu-ray and the like. Also, not giving HD cables with the system? That's hilarious. Sony has always been a dick company, from the betamax to their propiatary media cards used in digital cameras etc. They love to try and force you into a Sony-for-everything universe. (i realize Mac is very similar.. but i love that little apple with the bite out of it.. so cute!).

Playstation gets major, major props for Guitar hero and Katamari Damacy. And certainly as the bugs get worked out the system will probably be pretty sweet. Further the competetion between the systems will hopefully result in some innovative games. But you know i'm really old fashioned and i find the push to put computer games on your tv to be a little silly. I'll hang out with Isaiah Triforce Johnson and play my kiddie/retard games. I love the innovation at Nintendo (even if it was out of necessity) and hopefully their games will live up to it. I just wish nintendo had Katamari and GH.