Wednesday, November 22, 2006

An Early Visit From Santa

Look what is in my house right now! Yay!

I'm glad I live near the Nintendo World Store, where the Wii is in relative abundance. I got lots of holiday obligations, but I plan on getting some impressions up over Thanksgiving weekend. Stay tuned and we can hopefully answer some of the criticisms that I addressed yesterday.


Jeff said...

You are a real bastard, $tock. That's what I get for moving to LA. Apparently New York is crawling in Wiis.

Com$tock said...

Actually, when I got to the store at 9:15 AM, I was about the 60th person in line. Then they closed the line off about eight people behind me. People arriving after that were turned away, a store employee saying they were sold out, come back on Friday.

I hear some stores have already gotten new shipments in, and they are waiting for Friday to put them on sale.

Jeff said...

I haven't really looked that hard yet. I stopped in a few small towns on the way home from Flagstaff and gave up after that. At the Best Buy, the woman told me they'd just sold the last one about 1/2 an hour ago. I think people are just nervous because of what happened with the PS3. Word on the street is that there won't be a shortage. I'm planning on doing a search this afternoon at a few places ... wish me luck!