Thursday, November 30, 2006

A Game For The Religious And Ignorant

The real-time strategy game based on the Left Behind books has been generating interest on the web for some time and it is finally out. When I first heard about this game, I was willing to keep an open-ish mind. I love plenty of games that draw their stories from crazy, nonsense mythology (Legend of Zelda, God of War), so why not dig on some crazy Christian myths?

Well, Gamespot has a review up, and they suggest a good reason not to play the game: it sucks. I can't say I'm shocked. But I was a bit surprised to see that the game delivers some totally ignorant, intelligent-design-friendly nonsense. Check out this screenshot from the Gamespot review. I guess if you are willing to entertain the idea that the Rapture is possible, well, all bets are off when it comes to a reasoned, rational understanding of the world.

Could this be the first game that I would never want my children to play?

[UPDATE: In order to reduce the smugness level of this post a bit, I thought I'd point out that some Christian groups oppose the Left Behind game because it "mangles biblical prophecy and promotes religious intolerance and violence," according to this story from the Florida Times-Union.]

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MattG said...

That's really awesome. It'd be nice if it did get popular, then you could go online as satan and wup up on some god-fearing kids.

I wouldn't be completely surprised if it actually sells though. I've had the great pleasure of reading the first of the left behind series. Though no shock, i was still a little surprised by just how poorly it was written (I'm even ok with the fantastical premise). But man, it is bad. Nevertheless that baby (and all nine or so books) sold a lot of copies. I mean a lot a lot. Obviously these books aren't targeted to the literary set, but rather (as I see it) the faithful housewife, who worries about her husbands weak faith or her children who don't love jesus as much as she does, their siblings, etc. They buy the books for themselves and for everyone they know.. the books might save their readers or at least they'll give solace to the giver that their loved ones could fight their way back to jesus even if they miss the rapture train. (it'll be like the Lonely Planet: Rapture)

This game clearly can't be targeted to gamers.. but i'd bet plenty of moms, who worry that their game playing kids will burn eternally, might buy it, seeing it as something positive, something that might reach them.

I still want to see the Kirk Cameron adaption of the book.. anyone? anyone?