Monday, November 27, 2006

New York Mag: No Wii For You!

I’ve told myself that I should stop looking at New York Magazine just as I have stopped looking at, but as you’ll see, I can’t yet kick the habit. Well, this week’s issue (November 27th) offers the annual Gift List, helpful tips for what rich New Yorkers can give to other rich New Yorkers for Christmas.

Teens should be given the Playstation 3 (good luck finding one!) the magazine declares. And husbands/boyfriends should get the Xbox 360—hey, New York, you made the same recommendation last year. Yet the Wii is nowhere in sight. I suppose that’s better than seeing it on the gift ideas for a child page (that space is reserved for a $500-$800 stuffed horse, natch).


Mrs. C said...

Shucks. I was thinking of getting you an X-box, but I would feel like a dolt if I heeded advice put forth by New York magazine.

Anonymous said...

Wii Haters :-D