Thursday, November 16, 2006

Dog Humps Cat, Cogs Born?

C'mon. What the hell is this doing on Reuters? Sure, it's a cute picture: a cat between two puppies.

But read the caption. The owner claims that those puppies are really half-cat, born after a dog humped that cat. Not possible. At least the caption uses scare quotes to say that the owner "claims" those are the offspring of a dog-cat mating. Still, I'm surprised Reuters gave it any play. I can't understand why a geneticist would even bother testing this. Those are either cats that just happen to look dog-like, or puppies that are mixed in with a cat litter. Those two animals can't hybridize.

Oh, here's another cool interspecies-fucking story, with a super twist: dude FUCKED A DEAD DEER!

You may need to register, so if you don't want to bother, here's the nut from the Duluth News Tribune:

Bryan James Hathaway, 20, of Superior faces a misdemeanor charge of sexual gratification with an animal. He is accused of having sex with a dead deer he saw beside Stinson Avenue on Oct. 11.

A motion filed last week by his attorney, public defender Fredric Anderson, argued that because the deer was dead, it was not considered an animal and the charge should be dismissed.

[Thanks, Carlin!]

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Mrs. C said...

The cogs should be invited to Maury.

Although fucking a dead deer may not be technically illegal, it is beyond disturbing and merits some type of punitive consequence.